SMOLT Rod 9'00" #4-5

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K01-FR-SMOLT9.00 4-5
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Coup du Soir SMOLT Fly Rod 9"0' #4-5, 2 sections extra fast progressive tip action graphite rod series, developed as an "easy cast all around" fly rod. Less than 70 grams weight, it offers real high performance. SMOLT Rods are extremely powerful and capable of generating incredible line speed. Our new concept rod will easily match any fishing conditions and this model can easily adapt to dry fly, nymph & streamers fishing too. Our original design promotes effortless long casts, accurate presentations and reserved power for big flies and windy days. Built with the same commitment to excellence as all Coup du Soir products, but in 2 sections to contain production costs, our High Speed Concept rod meets the demands of the most decerning anglers or of anyone searching out a top performance fly rod at the most competitive price possible.