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A new-concept hackle pliers. Permit a very good tightening of every kind of material like cock hackles, cul de canard, microchenille, tinsel, lead wire etc. etc.
The MICRO size is suitable for small hooks 14-24.

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CHF 6.50

Complete travel set which includes 8 fly tying tools. Supplied in a strong and elegant case whose rubber interior is shaped to give each tool a precise housing.

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CHF 85.00

A top quality weighted stainless steel bobbin holder with quick adjusting disc-drag permit a perfect thread tension. Tube with very strong hardened steel bush to prevent fraying. Suitable for different sizes of spools.

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CHF 12.90

This stainless steel bobbin is very compact. The disc-drag permit a perfect thread tension. Suitable for every size spool.

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CHF 12.90

A top quality weighted stainless steel bobbin ideal to tie saltwater flies and streamers. The large tube allows the use of voluminous materials like floss, microchenille etc. The disc-drag permit a perfect thread tension.

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CHF 12.90

Extra user-friendly tool to thread the bobbin holder. It is produced with stainless steel by high precision machines and is available in 2 different sizes.

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CHF 14.00

Stainless steel bodkin with characteristic “U” shape. Indispensable in the execution of dubbing loop and dubbing brush to disentangle and pick out the fibers, giving the fly a fluffy and homogeneous profile.

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CHF 12.00

Tool that allows to make composite dubbings using sections of various materials like chenille, long hackles, tinsel , etc.

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CHF 32.00

Useful tool for cleaning hook eyes or untie knots. It has a retractable stainless steel needle with double conicity and soft touch handle.

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CHF 9.00

Extra user-friendly bodkin. It is produced in stainless steel material by high precision machines.

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CHF 12.50

The Pettine Comb realised with high resistance plastic material, is composed of a small narrow-toothed comb and a velcro brush. Ideal to improve the finishing of your lures and to make them more fluffy and actractive.

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CHF 5.50

Extra user-friendly whip finisher tool. It is produced in stainless steel material by high precision machines. Instructions included.

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CHF 17.00

Extra user-friendly conical finisher. It is produced in stainless steel material by high precision machines. Supplied with three different heads of Ø 1,4 -2,0 -2,7 mm holes. Instructions included.

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CHF 14.50

This simple accessory facilitates the tying operation of flies, streamers, poppers and other lures, compacting the hair both natural and synthetic.

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CHF 11.50

Superior quality dubbing tool made in stainless steel with ball bearing that allow a fast and smooth rotation. Its swinging head permit 90 degrees of free swinging motion with block at center position.

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CHF 33.00

High precision tool that allows to split thin threads to make dubbing loop on small size flies. The splitting operation, very difficult to perform manually, becomes easier thanks to Thread Splitter.

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CHF 15.50

Hair clips indispensable to make a dubbing loop using various types of hair and hackles. Made of strong clear plastic material its shape is designed to simplify the use .

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CHF 9.50

Produced in metal with rubber bottom, allows a perfect alignment of small quantities of hair and fibers for the realization of tails or tufts.

1 piece per bag, pack size 10 bags.

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CHF 9.50

Pliers with soft tips.
1 piece per bag, pack size 10 pieces.

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CHF 4.50

Heads with shape and silhouette specially designed to tie realistic streamers. Made of high resistance clear plastic material, they're lightweight and don't influence the cast. The two side sockets allow to apply the eyes.

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CHF 5.20

The Turbo Spin is an accessory that placed in the jaws of any type of vise allows, thanks to a precision ball bearing, an ideal rotation to create dubbing brushes. Perfect complement to the Dubbing Brush Device item 661.

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CHF 19.00