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The most clever trout net design ever, reinterpretated with top quality materials in cooperation with its inventor to create the most durable, practical and user friendly fly fishing net ever invented.

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CHF 155.00

Very small high quality stainless steel flat nose fly fishing plier, produced with top level surgical technology, it' s ideal to pin down barbs and as an all around basic accessory.

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CHF 19.00

Super sharp and resistant surgical blade with an indusrtial strenght hook eye clening pin. A very classic design and high quality nipper perfectly adaptable to any retractor.

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CHF 4.50

The ultimate tippet-to-leader connection. Eliminate unnecessary knots and extend the life of your leader. Makes changing tippet-to-fly connection a snap. Only for freshwater use. Contain 10 rings.

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CHF 8.50

Sized to fit specific line sizes, smaller in diameter and shorter than other connectors, they offer loop to loop convenience and a smaller profile. Instruction and tubing are included. 3 per package.

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CHF 6.90

Useful tool for cleaning hook eyes or untie knots. It has a retractable stainless steel needle with double conicity and soft touch handle.

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CHF 9.00

Pliers with soft tips.
1 piece per bag, pack size 10 pieces.

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CHF 4.50

Cestello per coda, prodotto con materiale molto resistente, può essere posizionato rapidamente sia alla vita che sulla gamba per mezzo di due cinture a sgancio rapido.

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CHF 49.00

The tippet holder snap-on onto your vest to keep tippet leader ready to hand. Supplied with special stop line elastics.

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CHF 11.00

oup du Soir selected Indicator Yarn, extremely visible, easy to attach and super sensitive. Almost invisible to the fish, it stays in place and doesn' t disturb when casting.

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K02-Indicatort Yarn
CHF 6.50

Coup du Soir Selected Bubble Indicator, extremely visible, easy to attach and super sensitive, it stays in place and doesn' t disturb when casting. The white color gives the impression of an air bubble sitting on the film.

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CHF 7.50
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CHF 16.50

Lightweight, durable ceramic Tiemco hook sharpener for freshwater use.

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CHF 10.00